I have been a Children's Librarian for over 15 years. During those years, I sat through many hours of mandated training that left me without a workable knowledge of the presented subject and in many cases the only thing I learned was a new way not to sleep through a training.

In 2011, I decided there had to be a better way to train teachers and staff so I set out to develop a knowledge base and unique training style.  My style and approachable manner, paired with a wonderful sense of adapting to my audience gives people in my sessions the increased ability to learn and experience new information.

Since 2011, I have given trainings, ranging from Stress Management to Teamwork, at an Austin, Texas-based preschool.   Now after becoming a Master Professional Trainer registered with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System, I am ready to bring my sessions to other education establishments.

By acknowledging that I am addressing an audience that knows children and are already dedicated employees in Childhood Development, I provide games and activities, which encourage interaction, in a cooperative purpose to enrich the classrooms of your schools. My sessions are structured to maintain a schedule, however, they encourage staff interaction and related tangents.

My sense of humor and genuine "Love What I Do" attitude show through in every session.

Also, I realize that a lot of schools work on a tight budget which is why my sliding scale prices help provide the best training available. Please contact me to obtain my fees.

Jennie Rosenblum 

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