The edit will be for the complete story, character and plot development, transition ease, phrasing, and proofreading errors.  It can include an edit of the book summary.


FEE: $400+ for  up to 40K words

         $500+ for up to 40K-80K words

         $650+ for over 80K words

         The fee is based on the quality of the manuscript

Beta Reading

This is a gut reaction to the story.  Can I see what you are trying to tell me?  Are the characters believable? Can I follow the plot or subplots? Are there any gaping holes? I will answer a few specific questions or concerns you may have as the author. 


FEE:   Starting at $100, depending on the length and condition of the manuscript.  Contact me for an exact quote.


This is a weekly check with authors to review their progress, brainstorm solutions to problems, writing blocks or any issues they are dealing with.   


FEE:  $40 an hour


A read for grammar, typos, formatting errors – all those little things that can help a book be more polished.

FEE:  Starting at $200 for 80K words – Sliding scale available.